Ufone monthly call package. || Ufone WhatsApp package.

Ufone monthly call package. || Ufone WhatsApp package.

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As you know Ufone always brings very exciting and new offers for its customers. So, the offers that we will discuss here are also very user-friendly. These are the most used offers used by Ufone users, a now we are discussing the details of these so that you are not confused about these offers. Let’s move to our topic: Ufone Monthly Call Package || Ufone WhatsApp. Package.

Ufone Sim Lagao Offers:

Details Of Ufone Sim Lagao Offer:

As we have already written above, Ufone is the best company in the world that brings very special and amazing offers for its customers, so this offer is also very exciting for its customers.

Basically, this is a Ufone Sim Lagao Offer and the user can activate a Free Ufone Bundle on its Sim within just a few minutes.

How to activate the Ufone Sim lagao offer?

To activate the Ufone sim lagao offer you should dial *5000#.

The basic thing in this offer is that the user first Inactivates his Ufone Sim for 30 days. When he gets back to activate his Ufone Sim After activation, he will get the following incentives:

OfferDataTo Subscribe
Tenor Sim Lagao OfferInternet MBs: 6GB UZU/PTCL Min: 6000+ SMS: 6000+*50000#

I hope that the first Offer makes you very happy as the other Ufone users are happy to get this offer on their Sim.

Kindly note that clients will be granted 6 GB web in two cycles (3 GB each on the first day and 31st Day) and 100 U2U/PTCL Min, 100 SMS day to day for the following 60 days. Furthermore, on the use of Rs. at least 10, clients can profit extra 200 Ufone PTCL minutes and 200 SMS legitimate for 1 day.

Terms and Conditions of Ufone Sim Lagao Offer:

  • For 60days the Clients will get 100 Ufone/PTCL minutes and 100 SMS every day
  • Bonus on Use will be accessible on utilization of Rs. at least 10
  • There will be no extra charges from day first till day seventh of membership
  • Call Setup charges (CSC) will be appropriate from the eighth to the 60th day of the SLO offer membership
  • Tax charges of Rs 0.03 per call (inc.tex) will be appliable to CSC from the eighth Day of membership making it a total of Rs. 0.17 per call (inc.tex)
  • Web deals can be subscribed to and consumed in 2G/3G/4G organizations regions.
  • There is no time limitation on SLO data use.
  • Ufone maintains all authority to activate the offer at any time of the day or night.
  • After the utilization of the given data, the data will stay dynamic and will be charged at default duty for example Rs. 2.75 + Expense per MB (Ufone) at a charging beat of 512 Kbs. On utilization of 25 MBs, you will get 150 MBs free till 12 PM, etc
  • After buying into numerous bundles and offers, every member will have their own charging need. You are mentioned to call 333 or email us at [email protected] for insights regarding the charging inclination of your expected/bought-in offer

Ufone Nayi Sim Double Offer:

The above offer is not enough that’s the way we also have a bundle of offers for you, like the Ufone Nayi Sim Double Offer, the details of this offer are given in the below table:

1st Offer: Telenor Super Card Gold Offer

OfferDataPriceTo Activatevalidity
Nayi Sim Double OfferUfone & PTCL:  10,500 min.
Other mins: 1200
Internet: 48GB
SMS: 10,000
Rs: 1099*141*30 Days

This is not an ending offer for you. If these offers are not eligible for you, then you can also choose another offer given below:

2nd offer: Telenor super Card max:

Super Card maxU to U & PTCl min: 7,000
Offnet min: 700
Internet: 14GB
Facebook: 5GB
WhatsApp: 2GB
SMS: 9,000
Rs: 74930 Days*141#

3rd offer: Ufone Super Card Plus

This is a special offer for this article…Ufone super Card Plus Offer. This is a special Ufone offer for the people who wanted to activate a Best Ufone Offer. It is less of cost and has more data for users. More detail of this offer is given below:

offerDataPriceValidityTo Activate
Ufone super Card PlusUfone + PTCL min: 4000
Other mins: 450
Internet MBs: 6GB
Facebook: 5GB
WhatsApp: 2GB
SMS: 8400
Rs.69930 Days*141#

Ufone WhatsApp package

Telenor brings good and inexpensive call packages as well as WhatsApp packages for all its users. Here we will discuss one big WhatsApp Offer by Ufone. If you need more Ufone Whatsapp offers and Other Ufone Call Package, Social and, Internet and Ufone SMS Packages then must click on the button given below:

Here we are discussing one of the top Ufone WhatsApp offers. The details of this offer are given below:

Ufone Monthly
WhatsApp Package
Internet MBs: 6GB  Rs.60 (load)30 Days

These are our best offers for this article, I hope these offers are very useful for you and proved very beneficial for you. But if these offers are not eligible for you, you can visit our website to find out more Packages.

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