Top Game Of This Year| Download Zlen For Pc and Android. Zlen Latest Version 2022.

Top Game Of This Year| Download Zlen For Pc and Android. Zlen Latest Version 2022.

August 3, 2022 0 By BasicInfo Hub

There are millions of apps launched in 2022. Each app has its own value according to its features and working. But the apps that we are discussing below is the most amazing and best apps of this year. Here we are providing you the latest version of Zlen For Pc and Android. So, let’s go to our topic. All the questions, answers and function of this app is discussed below:


Zlen is a next-generation social media & Private application that have more privacy than all other apps. You can also say no one can find you on Zlen unless you give them permission to.

As we open this app, we can see such type of interference.

Top Game Of This Year| Download Zlen For Pc and Android. Zlen Latest Version 2022.

You can say Zlen as a more private social network. It offers you more privacy than Instagram or WhatsApp.

When does Zlen app launched?

This app is updated on July 23, 2022. It shows that it is a recently updated app and, in a few times, it achieved a number of users. In the next some year it will become a popular app in the world.

How to use Zlen app?

To use Zlen app First go to My Account. You can see a QR code. If you tap on this QR code, QR code will show. On the top right side, you can see Zlen code. Then,

What is Zlen Code?

Basically, this code acts as entry barrier to all friends or people, that you give this code. These people will connect with you and all their feed or posts of them will be shown in your feed tab. So, here you can like and comment on their posts.

Top Game Of This Year| Download Zlen For Pc and Android. Zlen Latest Version 2022.

The next tab is about Zlen World.

What is Zlen World? And how to use Zlen app.

In this tab, all your joining community can post here. They can also post photos, text even videos can also be shared in this tab.

You can also comment in this section, but if you want to put you own posts here, click on plus (+) button showing on the top right corner of this interference. You have camera, gallery, posts, and shouts that you can put.

Just for example, you want to share post, click on post icon, select your data to post. You can also choose it you want to stay an anonymous (hid your name) or not. This is focused more or privacy.

If hide this, the post is made and it is also shown to others, but no anyone can see my name. If you scroll on Zlen, you will find many posts which has “someone on Zlen” written on them.

Top Game Of This Year| Download Zlen For Pc and Android. Zlen Latest Version 2022.

So, this is basically is not anybody’s user name these are the hidden names. If you talk about names here then, if you go here, you will find a display names and status of people. You can use anything as you display name.

There is no system like Twitter or Instagram, that if their handles are taken then you cannot use them.

Basically, on this app you can exist and post here. But no anybody in the world can see that you are active on this app. So, it’s a very interesting app. This app is made by ‘India’. But working allover the world.

Zlen Display Name & Status

As we know, the user’s name is already chosen. Now the question is that:

How many times can we change our profile name on Zlen?

 It’s a time of shame when someone has already taken @williommessbyFan. By using Zlen App, you can change your display/profile name at anytime as you want, there is nothing any strings attached. With your status, you can keep your Zlen Club Updated as what the rest of world doesn’t know at that time.  

Features and Privacy of Zlen App 2022.

Zlen Code 

A unique code of Zlen that each user required and get when they download the Zlen app. This feature is the main thing of the Privacy offered by the Zlen. The only way to connect on the app is via the Zlen Code, Zlen code can also be shared through a third-party application. It can also be shared by scanning QR code.

Without the Zlen Code it is impossible for anyone to search for you on the app that’s mean it is more necessary for Zlen users. As you know, other apps no one can search for any profile on Zlen using phone number or g-mail ID or your name. By using your Zlen Code you can add people to your Zlen Club.

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Disappearing Media & Messages on Zlen.

If you are Zlen users, you must know that Zlen always believes in minimal digital footprints. The main thing that makes Zlen Unique is that users have access to disappear their messages after the time they want. Like, Zlen Users can disappear their sent messages after 5 seconds or even after 1 minutes.

No Profile Access for Mutuals on Zlen.

In any group of Zlen, the group members can’t join any group without Zlen code. Otherwise, these members show up as ‘’Someone’’ on Zlen with respect to others. These Members can’t see others profiles in the group. If you like or comment others posts and that person is not connected with you, you again show as ‘’someone’’ like or comment on you post.

Digital Detox in Zlen.

This is the feature of Zlen with countdown timer where you can pause all your Zlen notifications on this app and also take a break from everyone/ Any other person on Zlen Club trying to chat with you, will see that you’re on the detox and can’t reply you at that time.