Storage devices and it’s types.

Storage devices and it’s types.

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Frequently asked questions about Storage Devices

  • What are storage devices?
  • How many types of storage devices are?
  • How storage devices work?

These are some common questions asked by many people who are new in computers field. So, in this article we are going to learn about different types of storage and devices their working. In this article we will see all the given devices from different types in short and cover all the information which is necessory to learn not only for biggners but also for experts.

What are Storage Devices:

A storage device is any type of computing hardware that is used for storing, porting or extracting data files and objects.

Types Of Storage devices

How many types of storage devices are?

There are three types of storage devices are which are given below

  • Magnetic Storage Devices.
  • Optical Storage Devices.
  • Solid State Storage Devices.

Magnetic Storage Devics

What is Magnetic Storage Devices and how they work?

“Data is stored on a magnetised media using magnetic storage  or magnetic recording. Magnetic storage is a type of non- volatile memory that uses various patterns of magnetization  in a magnetizable substance to store data. With the aid of  one or more read/write heads, the data is accessible.”

Types of Megnetic Storage Devices

Few examples of Magnetic storage devices are given below

  • Magnetic Tape
  • Floppy disks
  • Hard disks(Hard disk have further two types
  • Fixed Hard Disk Drive.
  • Portable Hard Disk Drive. )
  • Lets discuss these types in short

What is Magnetic Tape?

“A long, narrow strip of plastic film is covered in a thin, magnetizable coating to create magnetic tape, a medium for magnetic storage. Based on the earlier magnetic wire recording technology from Denmark, it was created in Germany in 1928.”

What is Floppy Disks?

A floppy disk, also known as a floppy diskette, is a dated type of disc storage that consists of a thin, flexible disc made of a magnetic storage medium inside of a square or nearly square plastic case that is lined with fabric to keep the spinning disc clean.

Storage devices and it's types

What is Hard Disk Drives and it’s types?

An electro-mechanical data storage device known as a hard disc drive, hard disc, hard drive, or fixed disc stores and retrieves digital data utilising magnetic storage on one or more rigid, quickly rotating platters coated with magnetic material. It has two types

Fixed Hard Disk Drive.

An “permanently” installed disc mechanism inside a drive casing, computer, or other device characterises a fixed hard drive. The device or case the drive is housed in must be opened, the case must be unscrewed, and all connected data and power cables must be disconnected before the drive can be physically changed or removed.

Portable Hard Disk Drive

Simply put, an external hard drive, also referred to as a portable hard drive, is an apparatus that is connected to the outside of a computer through a USB connection and is frequently used to back up computers or serve as a portable storage solution.

Optical Storage Devices

What are Optical Storage Devices?

By using low-power laser beams to record and retrieve digital data from optical media, IBM defines optical storage as “any storage method that uses a laser to store and retrieve data from optical media.

Types of optical Storage Devices

  • CD-ROM devices.
  • DVD dvices.
  • Optical Media devices.
  • RDX.

Lets discuss it in details

What is CD-ROM devices?

Compact disc read-only memory, or CD-ROM, is a type of computer memory that takes the shape of a compact disc and is read optically. A CD-ROM drive reads digitised (binary) data that has been encoded as tiny pits on an optical disc using a low-power laser beam.

Storage devices and it's types

What is DVD devices?

Digital versatile discs are referred to as DVDs. Because the pits are narrower and more closely spaced apart than those on compact discs (CDs), it can store more data. The 1s and 0s a player converts into sound and/or visuals are encoded in the pattern of these pits etched onto a disc’s surface.

What is optical media devices?

Any equipment or data storage device that reads and writes data using optical data storage and retrieval techniques is referred to as optical media. It employs a laser to read data from a media device where data is digitally stored. Optical storage is another name for optical medium.

What is RDX?

The Standard Removable Disk (RDX) device is used in any storage application that requires the removal or transportation of data. For SMBs, SOHOs, and distributed enterprises, an affordable portable storage solution that works best for backup, restore, archiving, and data exchange is available.

Solid State Storage Devices

What are solid state storage devices?

Solid-state storage (SSS) is a kind of computer storage medium that doesn’t have any moving parts and saves data electronically. Silicon microchips are used to create solid state storage.

Types Solid State Storage Devices

Some of the types of Solid State Storage Devices are given below

  • USB pen drives
  • SD cards
  • SIM card
  • smart cards

Lets discuss them in short

What is USB pen drives?

A USB flash drive is a type of data storage that has flash memory and a built-in USB port. It is often much smaller than an optical disc, detachable, and rewriteable. Most are under 30 g in weight.

What is SD card?

The SD Association created the proprietary Secure Digital non-volatile flash memory card format to store memory, which is formally abbreviated as SD. It is used in mobile and digital cameras, among other portable gadgets.

What is SIM card?

The international mobile subscriber identity number and its associated key, which are used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile phone devices, are stored securely on a SIM card, an integrated circuit.

Storage devices and it's types

What is Smart Card?

A physical electronic authentication device, often known as a smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card, is used to manage access to resources. Typically, it is a plastic card the size of a credit card that has an embedded integrated circuit chip.