Major WhatsApp Tricks 2022  

Major WhatsApp Tricks 2022  

December 17, 2022 0 By admin

Hey everyone! Here we have an amazing WhatsApp trick for you. After reading this article, you can use WhatsApp Advance-level tricks. These tricks are very beneficial for you or your friends and family.   

After Analyzation, we have major WhatsApp tricks for you. Remember that these are the major tricks of WhatsApp Business and GB WhatsApp. So, let’s start our topic:

What are the Major WhatsApp Tricks?  

What is meant by {i} Button in WhatsApp?  

As a user of WhatsApp, you must have seen the (i) Button in your WhatsApp. It is a scene if you click on anyone’s profile picture. If you click on it, you will see that person’s profile. Then click on Media Visibility; here you can see:   

Show Newly Downloaded Media From this Chat in Your Device’s Gallery?  

Default: (it means that you want to download all Photos, Videos, and other graphics to your gallery received from this contact).  

Yes OR No: (These are the custom options to download all Data received from this contact in your device).  

Disappearing Messages from WhatsApp Chat.  

This fantastic feature of WhatsApp is that you can automatically disappear your message from the receiver chat. If you click on Disappearing Messages, you will see:  

Message Timer:  

It Symbolizes that your message will disappear from the receiver chat after that time. If you click on 24 Hours, your message will disappear from the receiver chat after 24 hours. Similarly, you can select 7 days and 92 days.  

But if you click on Off Button, your chat will not auto-delete from the receiver side.  

Can Disappearing Message work on GB WhatsApp?  

Yes. The disappearing Message feature also works on GB WhatsApp. You can also hide your message after a specific time, even from GB WhatsApp, by using Disappearing Message Timer.  

What is Meant by Your Messages and Calls are End-to-End Encrypted. Or What is Meant by Encrypted?  

It is an amazing feature added by Official WhatsApp that your messages and calls are among you. No unauthorized person can hear and read your chats. This feature is added to protect WhatsApp users’ data from hackers. If you verify your Encrypted End-to-End Call and messages, your data is protected by the WhatsApp team.   

If any person tries to hack your data, the Official WhatsApp team will try their best to protect it, although it will also notice that someone is trying to hack your data.  

How to Delete All Chats and Data from WhatsApp?  

Just click their chat if you want to delete all the data received or sent to your friend. Click on Three Dots and then click on More. You can see Clear Chat; click on it to clear all the data from this contact.   

How to Create a Backup of WhatsApp Data?  

If you want to create a backup of your WhatsApp data: 

  1. Click on Three Dots and then on Chat Button. 
  1. Scroll down, and at the second last option, you can see Chat Backup. 
  1. Just click on it to create an additional backup of your WhatsApp Data.  

Disable Audio Blue Tick on Sender Side.  

Suppose you want that I listen to anyone’s voice, and he couldn’t receive a blue tick. It is possible. For this, you open their chat box, and without hearing a voice message, you need to forward this voice to another person.  

Then listen to this voice on this side. Here you have listened to the voice, but the side of that person who sent you this voice will not receive a blue tick.   

He will show black ticks, which means you didn’t listen to their voice. But actually, you have heard this voice.  

How to Send WhatsApp data from Android to Phone in One Click?  

You will face many difficulties if you want to send all of your Data transfer from Android to iPhone. To prevent these difficulties, you need to download WorderShare Mobile Tran. This app allows you to share your WhatsApp data without using your mobile phone or laptop.  

First, download this app from the Play store on both devices (Android and iPhone devices). Then select WhatsApp Data Send and then click the Login button. After this, you need to buy a little subscription to this app. Then you can transfer all of your data from Android to iPhone within one click.   

If you want to send WhatsApp Data from a laptop or MacBook to your Android or iPhone: 

  1. Download the app on both devices. 
  1. Connect all your receiver devices to your laptop. 
  1. Open the app on your laptop, select devices and then click the Ok button to select devices.  

How to share Large Data Files on WhatsApp? How To Share Movies on WhatsApp?  

If you want to send extensive data and files on your WhatsApp, you need to follow the given trick;  

First, open your WhatsApp Dialogue box with the help of Google assistant. Then talk for Send a Message for My Contact, replace the contact’s name, and attach the File you want to send to your partner.  

And then send your File. Your File has been sent successfully.   

How to Blur WhatsApp DP, Contact Number and Contact Name on Whatsapp  

This trick may be handy for the people who work in their offices. They use WhatsApp on their PC. But other people can also see their personal information.   

First, you need to add an extension on your PC to prevent this problem. The name of that extension is WA Web Plus for WhatsApp. Then Enable this Extension. After this, you can see the amazing feature of this extension, like Blur Contact’s DP, Blur Contact’s Name, Blour Conversion Message etc. It also includes all the GB WhatsApp features like, Disable Blue Tick. You can also see other’s status and download their status, and that person will be unaware of this act.  

Leave WhatsApp Group Secretly.  

If you want to leave any WhatsApp group secretly, that means you want to leave this group, and no anyone knows about it. This feature is coming soon. Wait for this feature. We will inform you as soon as possible as this feature launches.  

How many Persons can we Add to WhatsApp Video calls at a time?  

Firstly, you can add four people to your WhatsApp video calling. But recently, WhatsApp upgraded this feature, and now you can add 32 people to your WhatsApp call at a time.   

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