How to Earn Money from YouTube? || YouTube Earning Tips and Tricks

How to Earn Money from YouTube? || YouTube Earning Tips and Tricks

December 2, 2022 4 By admin

Now a days millions of people are working to earn a lot of money from YouTube. Where some of them are earning good profit from YouTube and, some of them are earning reasonable amount money where majority of them are not earning yet from YouTube. They do more effort but there is not money for them on YouTube. Here I will discuss those ways which make a person failure in YouTube. After reading this article carefully, I hope that you won’t have any questions during your YouTube journey. 

How many Views and Watch time are required to monetize YouTube channel?

People also ask:

How Much watch time require to earn money from YouTube? 


YouTube sy paisy kmany k liye kitna Watch time pora krna hota hy?

The watch time require to monetize your YouTube channel and earn money from YouTube is 4000 Hours watch time. If a person reaches these criteria and completes the required Subscribers, he will be able to monetize YouTube channel and earn money from it.

Without completing these criteria, no anyone could be able to monetize his YouTube channel.

How much subscribers are required to monetize YouTube channel and earn money from YouTube?

At the present time the number of subscribers reqired to monetize your YouTube channel and earn money from YouTube are 1000 subscribers. If any person wants to monetize his youtube channek and earn money from it, he should must complte his 1000 Subscribers.

How To Rank My Videos On Youtube First Page?

Now a days, we wach many videos from youtube on its first page. If you are also a youtuber or trying to become  a professional and successful youtuber you aslo wish to rank your video on youtube first page or search.

  • Now the forst thing os that your video and audio must be unique.  
  • Your Youtube Video’s SEO must be strong.

How to Remove Copyright claim from youTube video?

If you want to remove the copyright claim from your youtube video, fisrt you comes to know:

What is Copywrite Claim?

Copyright claim is the error or plagrism in your video content.

It is mainly a sound or music beating behind your video. Its mean your video may fully copied from any other person’s video. Or some of your video part has been copied to the others. 

 How to Remove Youtube Video Copywrite Claim?

As I have already disussed that it is mainly a sound plagrism, so you need to change your video sound. You can also add a music behind your video to remvove a copyright claim from your video. 

What is youtube video SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.As you may know if you are also a web developer or blogger, the SEO is the key to rank your website on googlwe first page, similarly, youtube vidio also need SEO to rank on youtube First page or on the top search bar. 

What are the top Youtube SEO tools all over the world?

There are number of different tools availble for Youtbe SEO, whereas many websites are also providing online youtube SEO services for free. 

  • TubeBuddy
  • YouTube Studio
  • VidIQ
  • Serpstat
  • YouTube Autosuggest
  • Google Trends

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can you tell if a youTube channel is monetized

  • If your channel is monetize, lets go to your Adsens account to check your revenue, All you earnings a calculated here. You can withdraw your money after pin verificaton of your youtube channel.
  • How Much Dollars $ Required For Adsens Pin Verification?
  • If you have $10 in your adsens account, you will get a email from adsens team

How to check Youtube Earning?

If your youtube channel is monitized from google adsesn, then you can check and withdraw your youtube earning. First open your adsens account and then and check your check your youtube earning. 

How much money can we withdraw from youtube?

You can withdraw atleast $100 from your google adsens account.

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