Earn money ($) by Downloading Apps

Earn money ($) by Downloading Apps

January 28, 2023 0 By BasicInfo Hub

10Web’s AI-powered WordPress platform combines Google Cloud’s next-generation hosting infrastructure with a collection of intelligent tools and services to create a powerful hosting solution where every website automatically runs at peak performance.

This platform’s automated tools and services ecosystem eliminates the manual work and technicality of building, optimizing, and configuring your websites for top-of-the-line user experience, security, backups, and much more.

Automated WordPress hosting

With our AI-powered platform, you will benefit from automatic:

  • Core WordPress updates
  • Backups and security
  • Plugin updates
  • Migrations
  • Free SSL
  • Advanced caching
  • Elastic Scaling
  • Website building
  • Speed optimization

Fast, free website migration

Our 1 click migration tool helps you avoid technical issues and migrate your website to 10Web with just one click.

Using this tool, you can create a copy of your website on 10Web while leaving your existing website untouched. Then, you can easily compare your website’s speed with the automatically optimized version of your website on 10Web. With our built-in speed optimizer, all sites hosted on 10Web automatically get a 90+ Page Speed score.


Using 1 click migration creates a copy of your site and does not affect your existing website while it’s hosted elsewhere. To complete the migration process, you’ll need to point your domain to 10Web

Automatically fast websites

To achieve the best website speed, you typically need to do some manual work, tweaking your web pages and addressing one issue at a time.

Our system eliminates the manual work associated with improving a website’s loading speed. To ensure all sites hosted with 10Web achieve a 90+ PageSpeed score, we automatically:

  • Compress and serve images in modern formats
  • Lazy load images, iframes, and videos
  • Resize images to a container-specific size and retain aspect ratio 
  • Leverage fast page caching with Fast-CGI
  • Speed up page loads with cache preloading
  • Serve page assets with GZIP compression
  • Shrink file size with minification and compression of JS, CSS, and HTML files
  • Defer render-blocking CSS and JS execution
  • Identify and optimize delivery for critical CSS
  • Display a generic font while the page font loads
  • Optimize MySQL databases specifically for WordPress
  • Optimize WooCommerce sites with ecommerce-friendly caching


1 click migration makes it easy to create an optimized copy of your website and compare the difference our automated optimization makes in website performance.

Benefits of fast website speed

Since page loading speeds directly influence a website’s search ranking and the quality of user experience, it’s more important than ever to have a fast, reliable website. After 10Web’s automatic speed optimization, websites often see:

  • Better conversion rates
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher search engine rankings

Build any website in minutes with AI

10Web’s AI assistant allows you to build any website in minutes. Using this tool, you can create website templates based on any web page – all without copying or writing a single line of code.

Easily switch to WordPress

Convert non-WordPress sites like Wix or Squarespace to WordPress in just a few clicks. The AI Builder automatically analyzes the input pages and creates a customizable WordPress template.

Instantly produce demo sites

Create an on-the-spot replica of any website and show potential clients how you can automatically improve their website’s speed and performance.

Reduce manual work

Create unlimited website templates based on any web pages and reduce the hours of work needed to start from scratch on new websites. 


Experiment freely with different page layouts, designs, or content. A fresh staging environment for testing or development is only a few clicks away if changes don’t work out.

Premium templates and widgets

In addition to AI-assisted website building, the AI Builder offers over 40 professionally designed templates, a wide selection of premium widgets, and an easy-to-use page editor that makes building new websites faster and easier.

The Elementor-based 10Web Builder is a drag and drop editor that makes it easy to customize the included templates or add functionality by dropping in one of the premium widgets.

Website management

10Web’s dashboard makes it easy to manage your website or all of your client websites through one convenient location. See all your websites at a glance, or drill down to an individual site’s dashboard for granular control over every detail. 

Website overview

In the website overview, you have full control over all the websites hosted with your 10Web account. Here, website thumbnails display helpful links for each website’s dashboard, WordPress admin, individual dashboard, and the websites themselves. In addition, you’ll find the ability to remove or clone any of your websites.

Individual website dashboards

Inside an individual website’s dashboard, you can find all the options and tools needed to manage any aspect of your website:

User and team management

Work collaboratively with your team or give clients access to their sites.

Collaborative workspaces

Built-in user and team management allows you to connect your entire team for effective collaboration and co-working. Assign a user role from three permission levels to give users access to specific websites or platform features.

User management for clients

With our platform’s user and team management, you can create user accounts for your clients, allowing them to access their websites with appropriate permissions.

Connect with experts

The 10Web Experts program connects you with 10Web-approved experts that you can hire for help with building, maintaining, or optimizing your website. Our WordPress specialists assess the quality of work from every expert in the program, ensuring they have a proven track record of high-quality work.

You’ll find freelancers and agencies with extensive experience in a wide range of WordPress and web development areas. Browse through our 10Web-approved experts to find professionals for:

  • WordPress development
  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor, Divi, other builders
  • Digital marketing and SEO
  • Writing (blogs, UX, ad copy, etc.)
  • Design

Quick Tip:

Are you a WordPress expert? Joining the 10Web Expert program puts your skills in front of businesses who need your expertise, so you can start effortlessly growing your client base through our secure and transparent working process.

Pricing and support 

10Web’s straightforward pricing structure allows you to find the perfect fit for your needs, whether you need one website or a robust hosting solution for all your clients. Get started for free for a firsthand look at how our AI-powered platform saves you time and eliminates the technicality of building and managing your websites.

With our multi-layered approach to premium customer support, you have access to over 700 helpful articles, 24/7 live chat, and email support from the 10Web Care Team. Please get in touch with us with any questions or individual needs you may have. We’re happy to help!